Co-curricular Activities

Inter – House and Inter school Co- curricular events are organized in the school . Which complements what students are learning in the school and support Intellectual , social , emotional , moral creative and Physical development . Declamations , G.K. Quiz , Poem recitation competition, Turban tying competition , Shabad Gayan , Folk Songs and Dance competitions are an integral part of our co-curricular activities .
Co-curricular Activities
Celebration of Important Days

World Earth Day

1. By planting trees (Students can send videos to teachers).

2. By encouraging the students to ride bicycles on that day to reduce pollution.

3. Online poster-making competition.

International Labour Day

1. Paste the picture of community helpers ( Doctor, Teacher, etc) on a chart.

2. Role play of any community helper.

Mother’s Day

1. Card making for mother

2. By encouraging the students to reduce water wastage

World Environment Day

1. Organize a neighborhood clean up to beautify your community.

2. Best out of waste material.

International Yoga Day

1. Share a written/audio/video detail of your Yoga schedule including the importance of yoga.

2. Painting, Drawing competition.


1. Story Writing competition on the theme of victory of goodness over evil.


1. House-wise competition (Rangoli making, Diya decoration, etc.)

Children’s Day

1. Picnic at school only for primary and pre-primary students.

2. Outdoor activities and games.

Martyrdom week of Four Sahibzadas

Cultural programme at school.

Republic Day

Play, skit, etc at school.

Basant Panchami

Kite making and Kite flying competition.

National Science Day
National Doctor’s Day

1. Prepare a first aid box for your family, class, etc.

2. Write any ten good habits (for primary classes).

World Youth Day

1. We can organize a ‘Talent Hunt Show’ in which students can perform according to their interests.

Kargil Vijay Diwas

1. Role play

2. Videos on any patriotic song

Independence Day

Same as Kargil Vijay Diwas celebration, We can organize a competition (singing, dancing etc) at school.

Krishna Janmashtami

Only for primary and pre-primary classes: Fancy dress competition.

Teacher’s Day

1. Card making for teachers.

2. Assigning the teacher’s duty (only teaching) to students.

Gandhi Jayanti

1. Slogan writing competition.

International women’s Day

1. Write about an influential Woman.

2. Write an essay on Gender equality.